Scent Highlights: Grapefruit • Mimosa • Tangerine


Pomelo Rojo (Red Grapefruit) is a great light refreshing citrus scent. Imagine lighting this candle when you wake up on Sunday morning and as you start to get ready for the day and breakfast is being prepared this awakening, light and refreshing scent fills your space.

Pomelo Rojo Wax Melts

  • Remove from packaging before use. Do not add anything to the wax melting device aside from the wax melt itself. These melts are meant for tea light or UL listed electronic warmers approved for use with wax melts. Never leave melter unattended especially with children or pets present. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Use in well ventilated spaces and discontinue when dish has 1/2" of wax or less.