Natural Soy Candles

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find pricing for large quantities/wholesale of candles?

You can send us an email with the size of candle and amount you were interested in us creating for you as well as the date you need them and we can get to you about pricing! Remember, all large quantity orders need at least a 4 week lead to make sure we have all the things to fulfill your order! We look forward to working with shops that believe our natural soy candles would be a great fit. We also would love to help you celebrate a wedding, baby shower or special occasion by creating personalized gifts and/or candles to light up your space. Do keep in mind that we are a small batch company and everything is hand poured, so the lead time we would need on a wholesale order is at least 4 weeks. To inquire about pricing for wholesale and other large orders, please send an email to RemedyCandleCompany@gmail.com .

Do I really need to trim my wick before I light it?

Yes! You should definitely take good care of your candle to not only get the best use of it but also to be safe. Lighting a candle wick that is too long can quickly become a fire hazard and we want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience with our candles!

What happens if I only let my candle burn for 30 minutes instead of the 1 hour minimum?

Proper care of your candle makes sure you get the best experience with our candles. When a candle is lit and only allowed to burn for a short time, over and over, this can create an issue called "tunneling". This is when the candle melts down just a smidge with each use and in essence is creating a tunnel. You will burn through the wick quicker and not get a full life out of the candle. It also becomes quit tricky to get some larger candles lit when this happens so we recommend burning for at least one hour and no more than four hours!

What is the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils?

Fragrance oils can be infused with essential oils but not all fragrance oils are. Fragrance oils are created to give off a fantastic scent and also made to be safe to use in things like soaps, body butters and more. They are synthetically created but sometimes they do contain natural plant extracts. Essential Oils come from extracting pure plant compounds and creating an oil that you can use topically, diffused and otherwise depending on the oil and it's consumption method. We use Fragrance oils in all of our candles.

What does it mean that these candles are hand poured?

Hand poured candles are created in smaller batches by creating batches in 2-4 pound batches. We melt our wax down in a double broiler and do everything that follows by hand including using a pour pitcher to pour each individual candle. This just means that instead of a machine doing it, there is a person pouring their heart out to keep us stocked. More of a personal approach we think.

Why soy wax candles?

We wanted to choose a cleaner burning wax, something that didn't depend on fossil fuels as well as a wax that comes from American farmers so to support our countries internal economy.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. If you receive a product or products that come damaged by shipping we would love to help make it right but will need some help from you. If you could kindly send us photographs as documentation to RemedyCandleCompany@gmail.com as soon as you receive the damaged package. If there are any other discrepancies with your orders, please reach out to us.

What happens with our information when we submit it to your site?

We do not share or sell any information given to us. The only reason we will contact you is if you have placed an inquiry or an order with us as well as if you have subscribed to receive regular communication from us regarding products, inventory, pricing or special orders.