•You should always burn your candle on a surface that can handle the heat and make sure to keep the candle     burning away from things that might catch fire. 

• You should try to burn your candle for at least 1 hour (or until wax has melted evenly to sides of vessel) and no more than 4 hours. This makes sure you get the best burn and longest life from your candle.

•Trim wicks to 1/4" before each burn, this will help keep the flame to a smaller size and help keep the fire hazard    low as well as assuring the candle doesn't burn too hot. This will help you get the most life from your candle.

•ALWAYS keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.

•Keep a burning candle away from drafts, vents and ceiling fans, this helps to burn the candle properly.

•Never use a burning candle as a night light and be cautious when using candles during a power outage. Always extinguish them when going to bed and also when leaving the premise.

•Never move a burning candle, glass can become very hot as can the melted wax and can be dangerous to         handle. Instead, extinguish the flame and allow the candle to totally cool before moving. 


• Some of our favorite jars to recycle and repurpose into candles are ones that have an opening at the top of at least 2.5" up to 3.25". They also will not taper from a large to a smaller opening (think Pace Picante types jars) this is because they are more complicated to wick and would not burn properly. 

• We take jars that are tiny like Oui yogurt containers all the way up to large pickle jars (32oz).

• We list event dates on our Facebook page for dates/locations to pickup. We are located in OKC but travel to Edmond, MWC and Norman often to pickup glass. Edmond, Norman and MWC are no longer accepting glass in their recycling programs so we are excited to be able to help keep a portion of the glass out of the landfill and give new purpose to it. 

•If you donate glass that cannot be used to create candles from, know that it will be recycled through Oklahoma City's recycling program.