Just a girl and a dream

about us


Remedy Candle Co. first started as a seed, an idea on paper that almost sounded like another impossible dream. I'd be lying if I said we took it slow and didn't jump in both feet first into the deep before learning to swim but hey, that's how I roll. 


I had tinkered in candle making before and I had plenty of empty jars to "play" with. After some research and helpful suggestions I purchased my first round of supplies and began creating. After much testing with a bit of trial and error we had our first eight scents and squeezed in three shows within our first couple of months after launch. 


Remedy couldn't have come at a better time with three surrounding suburbs nixing their glass recycle pickup, there is now an outlet for all of the glass containers to be repurposed instead of hanging out at the dump.

Not only are we creating candles from a renewable source that burn longer and cleaner with proper care, but we are helping to keep what we can from the dump, and seeing as how glass can take thousands of years to decompose, we find that in itself to be a win. 


-Jessika Kropf